Transit Pak Cases...

Road Cases, Flight Cases, Instrument Packing

We make quality custom made road cases, flight cases for scientific & musical instruments, sensitive equipment and goods requiring transit packing or storage.
Transit Pak provides safe packaging for the freighting and transportation of equipment for industries covering defence, telecommunications, photography, audio visual, film, television, theatre, computer, media, mining, exploration, surveying, police, electronic, scientific, medical, fashion, music, sound reinforcement and lighting. 
We can meet your industry needs! Transit Pak custom made transit cases include Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Flight Cases, Aluminium Profile Cases, Moulded ABS and Polypropylene and Fibreglass cases and Road cases of all description

Transit Pak is a 100% Australian owned company

Australian Made

Founded in 1982 from humble beginnings, it is now a well established business servicing many sectors of the entertainment, government and private industry.

Our experience guarantees to...

  • explore the best option for your needs
  • provide a cost effective solution
  • ensure great customer service
  • deliver uncompromised quality of manufacture
  • At Transit Pak we take pride in our work and are pleased to be able to offer you the best in an Australian made product. Our success in building quality products and maintaining delivery schedules has rewarded us with steady growth and customer satisfaction.

    Free Design Service

    Free Design Service

    Let Transit Pak explore your options and assist you to select the cost effective solution to meet your needs. Transit Pak offers free innovative transit case design service for single units to full production quantities.